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Report on the Search for Our Next Rector

Here's the outline of an oral report I gave at St. Thomas' annual meeting today.

  • Brad announced his retirement in June of 2018.
  • The vestry met the next Sunday with Canon Johnnie Ross to go over the transition process.
  • As Canon Johnnie suggested, the vestry decided to serve as the search committee.
  • The vestry developed a position description and parish profile, which Canon Johnnie posted to the national church's job board.
  • The vestry also formed an Interview Committee composed of:
    • Barb Fowler
    • Cinda Wheat
    • Bob Scharf
    • Sam Arnts
    • Me
  • The Interview Committee developed an interview process.
  • Any priest who is interested in the possibility of being our rector must apply directly to Canon Johnnie. He and Bishop Singh must vet all the candidates.
  • We interviewed our first candidate in late October. She is currently the assistant rector of a large parish in Texas. I'm not going to tell you her name or any other details to protect her privacy. Most of the parishioners don't know she is seeking a new cure. We had an overall favorable impression of the candidate. Her references we glowing.
  • We reported back to the vestry. They felt we should interview as many candidates as possible before making a selection.
  • Canon Johnnie promises us another candidate in November, but that candidate accepted a call to another parish.
  • Carin Tobin, Kit Tobin, Mary Paddock, and I met with Canon and Johnnie earlier this month.
  • Canon and Johnnie told us that two people who recently graduated from seminary might be good candidates for our position.
  • He promised to share their names with us in the near future. Both of these candidates will be ordained transitional diaconate during the first quarter of this year. 
  • If we called one of these candidates to be our rector, they could begin serving immediately as the deacon in charge. A supply priest would need to be present on Sunday mornings to celebrate Holy Eucharist. This arrangement would continue for about six months until the person was ordained to the priesthood and officially installed as rector.
  • You may be concerned about the slow pace of choosing a new rector. It's normal for parishes to spend at least a year discerning whom to call.
  • I encourage you to remain patient. Offer any anxiety that you have to God, praying that the Holy Spirit will send the right person to us.
  • While you are praying, remember the vestry and the interview committee that God will grant us wisdom.
  • Would any other members of the vestry or interview committee like to add to what I said?
  • What questions do you have?