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A House Divided

 I'm briefly mentioned in this article. Michael is quoted and paraphrased.

Greenbelt Interfaith News
September 1998

A House Divided

Gay and Ex-Gay Anglicans React to Resolutions on Homosexuality

By Heather Elizabeth Peterson
Greenbelt Interfaith News

It was the beginning of a triumph – or the beginning of a tragedy, depending on who was speaking. No Episcopalians denied, though, that the summer of 1997 would bring tremendous changes to the denomination that forms the American contribution to the worldwide Anglican Communion. Around the world, the events in the Episcopal Church during July 1997 would spark debate in other Anglican churches around the world. The focus of the debate was on homosexuality, a subject that was causing increasing divisions between conservative and liberal Anglicans. For Anglicans living in the United States, the Episcopal Church appeared at the beginning of July 1997 to be on the brink of something tremendous. But whether the Episcopal Church was headed toward destruction or toward a realization of its greatest promise was another matter for argument between conservatives and liberals.

Two American Anglicans would watch the events of July 1997 and be stunned by what happened. Two Anglicans would watch with concern a year later as the events of July 1997 were eclipsed and nearly overturned by the events of July and August 1998. Both Anglicans were in a position to be greatly concerned about what was happening. Both knew that Anglican attitudes toward homosexuality would shape the lives of people like themselves. Both believed that the decisions of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion could result in more heartbreak and tragedy in the lives of same-gender-attracted people, or else the decisions could bring those same people to spiritual fulfillment and the peace of God.

One of the Anglicans was a leader in the gay ministry Integrity. The other was the leader of the ex-gay ministry Regeneration.


When I was a volunteer for Integrity USA, I created and managed the INTEGRITY-L internet mailing list on the Listserv at American University. The list is no longer operational. I also created this logo for the list's page on the Integrity website.

An animated logo that spells out "Integrity Lightspeed" in all caps and italics. The logo includes a long horizonal line and a short vertical line forming a cross. In the upper left is the Greek letter lambda. All the elements are red on a black background.