Welcome to my personal website and portfolio! Most of the items shown are from my non-profit and volunteer work. My professional work is not shown because of non-disclosure agreements.

Voice of Integrity, Fall 2000

I wrote three articles for this issue. They are on pages 10-19. I also wrote the "ads" on page 2.

Voice of Integrity, Summer 2000

I wrote one article for this issue. It is on page 17.

Integrity Ads

I created these newspaper ads for Integrity USA before the 2000 General Convention of The Episcopal Church.
Published in The Living Church

Published in Episcopal Life

Published in Episcopal Life

Published in Episcopal Life

Supper Circles Logo

I created this logo for a program at. St. George's Episcopal Church in Glenn Dale, MD.

Super Circles logo


LGBT Artwork

I created this artwork while I was an Integrity volunteer. I used the two triangles on a stole that I commissioned for Michael
Chi Ro Triangle

Lambda Cross Triangle

Equal Rites in the Church