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Education for Ministry

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I mentor an online Education for Ministry (EfM) group. It meets on Zoom every Sunday, 5:00-6:30 p.m. Eastern Time, between Labor Day and Memorial Day.

EfM is a four-year, seminary course for laypeople that explores the Bible, church history, theology, and ethics. Participants also learn how to share their spiritual autobiographies, engage in theological reflection, deepen their spiritual lives, examine their theological frameworks, and discern their ministries in the church and world.

Online EfM is a convenient option for people who live in an area where traditional groups are not available or who are housebound. All you need is a recent-model computer with a webcam, microphone, speakers, and high-speed internet access. (A smartphone or tablet are also acceptable.) Most participants find an online EfM group just as rewarding as a face-to-face group. 

Tuition is $375 per year.

All of our seats are filled for the September 2021-May 2022 term.  

Click here to be added to the waiting list for the September 2022-May 2023 term.